Happy Holidays to one and all

Aloha all, and Happy Holidays to everyone…

Because of the major probs with out economy, I have been working hard on my view/concept of a Entrepreneur Incubator Project and what and why you would want to check it out.

Please visit www.talkstory.com for more.  I created TalkStory.com to be about telling stories, but it has become a place for mine, and since it is my story, I am sticking to it!  Be well and Happy Holidays.



Palin needs to go and get some Aloha.

It is hard for one to remain quiet about the outrageous claims made by the McCain-Palin duo this past several days. One must wonder what can this do but cost them the election?

So back on center, spread Aloha.

The lies being said to hurt people will only cause anger and frustration of the American people. Be nice, be a friend, even if it is with someone you don’t like very much because all of us have goodness in our heart, and this negative campaigning is a waste of time. The bible didn’t teach us to act in this negative manner… And the world is watching…

Reminds me of my favorite pidgin, “Sista, why you did dat? You stupid O Wot?”

a friend from Hilo sent me this pic, see I told you “Vikings kinda like Hawaiians, both paddled far and thumped many heads”.

I Recommend…

This past week in Washington shows how hard it is to reach a mutual agreement for mutual benefit. The elected officials that run this country need to watch the Sprint ad with the firefighters reaching mutual agreement in a few seconds, because the time wasted is time wasted. And we all have so many issues left to deal with.

So I recommend we elect the firefighters and fire the political hacks in Congress. You should see the smoke signals from the Taft Ranch in Wyoming, whew! The Wyoming drums are beating a sign of disgust with Washington… And even if they are far out in their concerns, they are Americans and do have the right to protest what they see as failure to acknowledge our Constitution..

Therefore the only way out of this mess is Aloha.

The world needs leadership.


As we grow older, we see so many stories and events on the News Channels.  It is sometimes a bit negative, but then we have evolved for a very long time here on earth.  Leadership is lacking, the governments of the world have so many issues to deal with, and too many of us expect too much, and if you ever were in a meeting with several people, I am sure you realize how difficult it is to get everyone to agree on anything.

Sometimes we just need to go along to get along…

There are so many problems in our world these days, it is a good thing that God is in our hearts and minds.  Go to church, or just sit under a tree and thank the lord for giving you a chance to do better.

Lead or follow, make a difference, help someone out when you can, because we are all in this together.  And in the end, I am sure you will be praying for everything you have done both good and bad.  I know I have had several brushes with my end, and the good lord has chosen to keep me around for a while longer, so help each other.  IT is the only path for us all.