Cunha becomes Kahuna?

The Portuguese from the Azores immigrated to the Hawaiian Islands about 1880, their were 1844 (approximately) of them brought from the Azores by the Protestant ministers, that had taken Hawaii without a shot fired…  The Portuguese from the Azores were starving… They brought with them Pidgin, Cunha, and other phases and “language bridges” to teach the Chinese, …

Woz Up? da Big Kahuna

Sometimes you GET the idea, this means something…   How can my mother and father be “paired” all the way toWilliam I Conqueror of England and Matilda Flanders.  Henry Owen Kraft and Mildred Ottlelie Joss Kraft.     [slideshare id=15627247&doc=relationshipchartwilliamiorangeconquerorengland-matildaflanderscopy-121213144704-phpapp01]