EDU Plan and the reason I created it

The EDU Plan was my effort to help bring the economy back, the method was to “Help people, help themselves”. Unemployment was very high when I wrote the original EDU Plan in 2009/2010.

This an updated addition to clarify “what in the heck are going do with $3 billion? in funding?”. The ETRE portion was from an old website that was “lifted” from the Red Herring… I used to drink with Anthony (Red Herring) at the ETRE conferences… I wanted to have the “Entrepreneurs Corner” at ETRE, now I am in South Florida the place to hold and American version of ETREOcean Reef Club – Key Largo would be nice… Yacht harbor, hotel, Golf course, and airstrip for small jets… Miami is a short hop. Naples same.

(I tried to find Alex V.)

this how I want your help to make happen, you run it… I just act as Chairman…

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