Back to the EDU Plan Enqubator AiWorkStation by gkraft (Gordon Kraft)

In my original GHK AiLibrary in Marco Island I had a 120″ Stewart fixed HD Screen with Ampro Alicia Digital Theater HD Projector connected to my G4 Mac left side and also 2 20″ monitors, the RIGHT side had iMovie 2, iDVD 2 – it was 1999 era and everyone that came to visit was blown away with my Signature THX SURROUND SOUND with Snell #9’s THX speakers and 600 watts of amps in the rack… Furniture and AV installed by StarPower Dallas. I was on the Board of Directors of StarPower for 10 years and got a small discount… ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today, I would want a larger FRONT 4K HD Screen, for the AiWorkStation(tm) on the side of the room a “3” 4K Curved Screen setup, with VIDEO EDIT on the RIGHT screen and Video Displayed on this screen, Main Viewer Screen in the CENTER, and on the right my “Associated Array” 4K Screen for (correlation of) STUFF that CORRELATES with what I am researching in the CENTER, or in other words. Right 4K VIDEO, CENTER 4K Command Center, RIGHT 4K Associated datum… ๐Ÿ˜‰ more on this later. I just downloaded the new Adobe CC stuff and will see what I remember and try to make a new Web Site for my EDU Plan Enqubator AiWorkStation(tm)

something like this:

my original GHK AiLibrary(tm)

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