these people… the news… the greed of man…

Is it just me or do you agree that “these people” refered to in the news as the ones that got a home loan that they could not afford in the housing market should be disdained, talked down to, ridiculed, made fun of, should have not purchased a home?  How many of “these people” are your brothers and sisters and even worst your parents?  What right does the news have to talk like this?  Where is the outrage of those that have lost their dream to live in their own home?  Why should those that have lost their homes due to the “loaded” unfair balloon home loan terms and conditions be the ones to blame?  Where is the news outrage and the news investigation that should be aimed at the Banks and Mortgage firms?

And why can’t the loans be rewritten, extended?

“Seems like a simple solution of common sense should be considered…
No wonder aloha is important.

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