BigKahuna What!

Most Hawaiians will tell you that the usage of Hawaiian words is sacred.  And they deserve respect.  I agree.

I bought a 22′ Donzi Classic to use as my Towed Tender for my 42′ Catalina sailboat that I kept at the Sacramento Delta and Monterey, Ca.

I then shipped the Donzi and my truck to Maui.

The first time out, I ran out of gas about 300′ from the Kihei launch ramp, so we had to swim and tow the boat to the trailer…  A sane person would never had brought such a fast small boat to Hawaii…  But the Damn Donzi was famous in Miami and ran in the ocean OK there…  I learned even though it had a world famous Super V hull design, that it liked to sometimes go thru waves at 50mph…  only boat in the morning I kept telling myself, before the trades…  one day I was near Molokini and I noticed a red Achiles inflatable raft being towed backwards and swamping over the transom…  when I got next to them they were divers that had speared a large shark, too large of a shark, I tossed them some wirecutters, and towed them back to Kihei ramp, I shipped the Donzi back to Ca. and gave it to my brother.

One day in 95, I took the Donzi to Lahaina tied up to a float, and swam in to Pacifico’s 505 Front St. I had a dry shirt in a wet bag and a towel and dried off first…  I start to drink a beer and a local guy comes over and sits down and we talk for a bit then he asks me where I am from, etc. and I tell him that I have 3 small High Tech companies in the MRTC.

And I tell him about BigKahuna Productions and he says “hey bra Kahuna kinda like da pope! show respect” and then he buys the next picture of beer.

Visitors do not know that the use of Kahuna is bad, and there are over 1.3M hits on Google…

So I say turn a Negative into a Positive,    just like the purpose of “Aloha”.

This is my desire for, for Hawaiians and Visitors to communicate and spread “Aloha” around the world…


Vikings kinda like Hawaiians, both paddled far and thumped many heads…

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